Crayons, established in the year 1995 by Mrs. Gunjan Bijlani, follows the Montessori Method which is a scientific method based on the discovered laws of development of the mind and body of the child. It redefines education as a process needed to develop and actualize human potentialities. It is concerned not merely with the ability to store and retrieve actual information but with the blossoming of the entire personality of the child. The habits and skills of a child developed in a Montessori environment serve him for a lifetime. Concentration, self discipline to develop an independent confident, balanced and happy personality. We provide this environment in our services- Pre school and Play school facilities.

A child is allowed to work freely choosing whatever activity interests him as long as he does not disturb others. The encouragement to independent activity leads to real independence of mind and action. The children may choose to work together or individually. This social environment requires active regard for others and cooperation with the other develops the social sense of the child. Our Team encourages this environment to help your child grow these necessary qualities.