As a Montessori school in Hauz Khas, we work towards providing our children with the most effective level of care and inculcate an environment where each child learns a new skill, and hones the skills they are well versed with. As a Montessori education system in South Delhi, a lot of times, several parents may turn to us for additional help for their children, who may be struggling to settle in a formal school setup. This may be due to a variety of factors such as the child’s reluctance to join a group activity, or delays in certain skills which are requisite for a formal school admission. As we are As a Montessori school in Hauz Khas, we provide extended preschool to children above the age of three years, where we comprehensively work on the child’s writing skills, conversation skills as well as their participation in group situations. As an institution that provides Montessori education in South Delhi, our aim is to help each child become school ready and learn the necessary social skills that will be required in a formal school setup for them. This is why we, as a Montessori school in Hauz Khas are at par with several other model schools providing Montessori education in South Delhi.

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