The Montessori method of education in play school in hauz khas places a strong emphasis on understanding and appreciating different cultures and the world around us. In the Montessori classroom in montessori school in hauz khas, children are exposed to a variety of cultures through books, music, art, and other materials.

The Montessori approach to cultural education in play school in hauz khas is designed to help children develop an understanding and respect for different cultures, as well as an appreciation for the interconnectedness of the world. Through cultural studies, children learn about geography, history, music, art, and other topics, which helps them develop a broader understanding of the world and their place in it. The Montessori approach in montessori school in hauz khas to culture is an important part of the holistic education that Montessori provides, and helps children develop a sense of empathy, respect, and curiosity towards the world around them.