Keeping the children safe while at Montessori school in Hauz Khas is our top priority and a prerequisite for effective learning & teaching. As always, we welcome your suggestions and would be happy to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have regarding the matter of Montessori school safety or emergency preparedness. The ‘Primary Responsibility’ for Montessori school in Hauz Khas like ours which nurtures our future generations, is to simulate awareness to be ‘Safe and Secure’ at all times. Safety for our students, our teachers, our staff and our visitors is number one in our list of priorities.

  •  The entire campus is under surveillance. CCTV cameras are installed in all areas of our Montessori school in Hauz Khas.
  • Police Verification is undertaken for all staff members.
  • All external persons coming into the Montessori school are supervised and monitored.
  • There is a security at the gates at all points during the day.
  • A team trained to provide First Aid.
  • Children are handed over only to parents and the parents have to share proper identity cards and photos in case they want their child to be picked up by some other family member.