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Pre School in Hauz Khas | Play School in South Delhi


Our play school in Hauz Khas, South Delhi allows you to observe a session in progress. It gives you an idea of what the activities are and how the school handles them. There can be a big difference between what is promised and what is delivered. Push for an observation session in Crayons Montessori, our play school in Hauz Khas.


The preschool involves the child in doing a lot of things. You are not sending your child to our preschool for free play; he/she can get that at a local park in the evening. At our play school in Hauz Khas, South Delhi, we encourage doing, making and collaborating and having more goal-oriented activities (although the goal's not being forced on the child). See by yourself, visit our gallery.


We have a good child teacher ratio. Large groups and multiple adults are not ideal for children. Smaller groups with one adult work better. Also, at our play school in Hauz Khas, we do not actively use caretakers as teachers. Caretakers (or ayas), when inside the classroom, end up helping the children or controlling them too much. They should be seen as part of a support system – to take the children to the toilet, for example.


At our play school in Hauz Khas, South Delhi, key to learning is the extent of interaction in classrooms. The interaction, primarily verbal, is driven by the teacher. We do not have teachers who merely limit their interaction to instructions, commands and close-ended questions, also limiting the children’s exposure and imagination. We have teachers who use elaborate language, which is rich and descriptive, and ask a lot of open-ended questions that will help further in learning experience for the children. Know about our Team members, click here.


Apart from the physical environment, we run a check on how the school goes with setting up mental and emotional environments. Are children offered independence, challenges and mental stimulation through material and words? Are children given a safe emotional environment through praise and encouragement? Are disciplinary approaches positive and empowering to the children? And finally, are the teachers sensitive to the children’s emotional needs according to their age? Are all other play schools in Hauz Khas planning on these terms? Or are all other schools in South Delhi checking these measures? Are you sure? Read our philosophy to get a broad view on these questions.


At our play school in Hauz Khas, South Delhi, we share our daily/weekly/monthly plans with you. This helps you in doing activities at home to reinforce what is being done at school.


Last but not the least – We check the hygiene of the toilets and the school equipments in our play school in Hauz Khas at regular intervals of time. Know more about us, click here.


At Crayons Montessori Pre School & Play School in Hauz Khas, South Delhi, we believe in delivering what being promised. So, don't compromise with these terms and visit us for a better lookout for your children.