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Montessori School education in Hauz Khas South Delhi

The Crayons Montessori School in Hauz Khas delivers pure classroom environment consisting of 5 areas.

Exercises of Practical Life. Activities like sorting, cleaning, polishing, how to greet, sneeze, etc. introduce children to everyday purposeful actions they see around themselves. At Crayons Montessori School in Hauz Khas, our team enable the children to independently take care of themselves, take care of environment and understand how things can be done perfectly.


Sensorial Activities

The specially prepared sensorial material gives concrete from the abstracted properties. The sensorial apparatus provides the child with sensorial motors activities which have been planned for each one of the sessions.They help the child to become sensitive to colors, shapes, temperature, sounds, etc. through his own experimental learning and discovery. At our inclusive learning school, we focus on these very important activities and include them in every other session.



Language is continuously introduced through stories, rhymes and songs in our inclusive learning school. At our inclusive learning school we help the children to express themselves with the right words. Each new word helps them to enrich the vocabulary. When the children are about 3 and 1/2 years of age and starts conversing in English, the language materials are introduced to them. Our Montessori School in Hauz Khas use symbols to materialize the sound. At our inclusive learning school, we offer letters as symbols for sound of spoken language and on the basis of this he/she can handle them and become conscious of the fact that his language is made up of sounds.



When the child is spontaneously and consciously interested in looking at things from a quantitative point of view they need give expression to the quantitative aspect of things, their difference and comparisons in a precise manner. At our Montessori School in Hauz Khas, we offer counting only by counting he can establish relations to things meaning quantities in terms of unit.



An arts and crafts music and movement project by trained staff focuses on a regular part of the school program. All festivals are celebrated with great importance in our Montessori school in Hauz Khas. The cultural aspects are highlighted and the children participate with enthusiasm. Don't believe us, check by yourself. Click here.


At Crayons Montessori School in Hauz Khas, South Delhi, we provide an inclusive learning procedure for your children in the above mentioned five areas in our Pre School and Play school and Day Care facilities and also giving them free space to enjoy and nurture their most beautiful time - the childhood.


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